Pimenta nos Olhos dos Outros…

The Boyf is addicted to ‘I’m a celebrity, get me out of here‘. Yes.

And I, disgraceful facebook addict, justify the egotistical pornography with the fact that I wouldn’t have anyone over the age of two to speak to until at least 7.30pm(‘Honey, I’m home!‘)for five days a week. Nevertheless, since the advent of Big Brother I have remained steadfast in my dislike for reality television, with a pride and sense of self-righteousness that has often bordered on snobbery.

So imagine my despair when I found myself in hysterics watching celebrities I have never heard of being forced to be covered in insects, reptiles and rodents, or having to ingest an appetising selection of jungle Tapas such as live scorpions and kangaroos’ penises(including balls, which on mastication apparently ejected streams of you-know-what).

I am now a rainforest rubbernecker.

What has become of me?

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