I need one of these.

In fact, what I really need is one for my laptop. Being drunk at home within easy reach of facebook and msn is terrible for your mental health and for the cohesion of your social network.


 Once, pissed off my face on msn, I told a friend to meet me on the South Bank at 3pm on the following day, to which she unsuspectingly agreed from the other side of her computer screen. I got a call from her just as I ploughed my hungover way through a bacon and egg roll, with no recollection of ever having made any arrangements.


 Fortunately she has since forgiven my misdemeanour, but through this anecdote you can begin to gauge the potential danger of combining alcohol and internet access. You might make plans you will not keep to, you might confess your undying love for the cheeky girls’ last single, your pink balloon fetish, or the fact you are suffering from the unpleasant combination of a yeast infection and piles(I mean YOU, not me). In the safety of your home, reaching out to your hot work colleague with inhibitions cast aside and a stomach full of tequila is just too easy. Drink responsibly. DO NOT TURN YOUR COMPUTER ON. DO NOT ‘POKE’ ANYONE AFTER YOUR FOURTH GLASS OF WINE.


C’mon, someone has got to be able to patent a model soon?



Oh, the cartoon. I found it here.

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