Where I am at.


I feel like giving myself a kick up the proverbial arse for not having blogged for a few days now… I know, I know, it is very lame of me.

But c’mon, last week was my last week of university (‘University?! Oh!’ – I hear you gasp in astonishment—Yes, professional housegirlfriend, blogger and mother are not my only job titles, you know?) and I have ridiculous amounts of work to do. So cut me some slack. I am also ambitiously embarking on a self-torturing regime to try and look like a yummy mummy in time for a beach holiday in May.

Thing is, I am crap at self-restraint. Of any kind. Ask anyone. Go on.

I read this interview with Stephen Tyler once and  he revealed himself to be completely paranoid about his weight. It turns out that rock ‘n’ roll grandad Steve of Aerosmith is the ‘egg-white-omelettes-and-no-carbs-after-5pm’ type of guy.

Dude eats like a lady. 

I guess staying rake-thin gets a bit harder once you lay off the skag.

Anyhow, in the aforementioned interview Stephen came up with an absolute pearl of dieting wisdom, a sentence that stuck in my mind.

 He said ‘nothing tastes as good as thin feels’.

I am going to write that down on a piece of paper in really large letters and stick it on my fridge.

Rock on.

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