Twisted Linguistics

Ugh, feel particularly drained after my ‘Language and Gender’ Lecture and Seminar Combo… Today we had to analyse the transcripts of a real rape court case, particularly how language can be manipulated to sway the jury. Depressing stuff, particularly when in most sexual assault cases the main source of evidence is the victim’s account. It all reminded me of why I made a conscious decision not to go to Law school…

It also made me want to write to the Met and suggest that in order to increase conviction rates both the police and jurors should attend one of my ‘Language and Gender’ classes. It really is amazingly simple to manipulate representations of culpability, particularly in cases where linguistic use is the victim’s only tenuous chance of obtaining justice.

All this renewed my determination to attend tomorrow’s Million Women Rise march, starting at 12 in Trafalgar Square. I confess that after a few months sitting on the idea, I was tempted to spend my Saturday afternoon chilling out… But I will brave the streets of London with my fellow feminists and hopefully in unison we might get someone to pay attention (I am a bit of a skeptic, more on that later).

Anyway hope you all have a great Friday night. I will be wedging my nose firmly in a book and trying to come up with some ideas for my finals. And listening to the new Velvet Revolver album. I am thinking it is pretty phat so far.


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